July 6th 2016



Let’s introduce you to our rig!

Components and specifications:

3.3 GHz Intel 5820k Haswell – E 6 core 15MB L3 cache LGA2011v3

Cooler Master Evo 212 CPU Cooler; fans in push – pull configuration

ASUS X99 Pro Motherboard

16 BG DDR4 Team Group RAM

Inno3D GTX770 2GB GDDR5 VRAM 256 bit

Corsair RM750i Modular Power Supply

Boot and Program Disk: Solid State Disk (SSD) Samsung Evo 850 250GB SSD 540MBps read/ 520MBps write speeds

Scratch Disk: Patriot Warp 32GB SSD

Storage Disks:

250GB 7200 RPM Western Digital Caviar

1TB 7200 Western Digital Caviar

Antec 300 Mid Tower; Antec 120mm fans 2x

Samsung Lightscribe Supermaster DVD RW

The Build

This PC was built to be a long term content creation workhorse.


06141336551lThe Asus X99 Pro was chosen for its

X99 Intel platform and entry-level 5820k 6 core zchip pngprocessor needed for graphically intensive content creations applications like Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop along with highly computational intensive programs like AutoCad, AutoDesk123D, Meshmixer, Mudbox, Maya, Blender, CATIA, Homestyler and Solidworks. The X99 platform allows for future upgradability allowing for 8 and 10 core CPUs. The 16GB of RAM sufficiently supports the memory bandwith needs for such intensive programs with future upgradability up to 64 GB of high speed memory, thus improving workflow.


Additionally, the super fast  M.2 slot on the X99 Pro motherboard leaves room for future additions of bleeding-edge-blistering-fast memory!


Because this is a workhorse PC, we chose the Evo 212 CPU cooler as it isfanny adequate for our needs and is a fantastic performance value; for this application, exotic water cooling wasn’t necessary because we aren’t overclocking the CPU…but it certainly would be cool!



zhz png


The GTX 770 was chosen for its price point for its use in Adobe After Effects for its Ray Tracing capability through CUDA core acceleration, making 3D graphic design much smoother and faster; and along with the X99 platform with its many PCIe lanes, final output renderings are extremely fast compared to other Intel CPU  and AMD CPU platforms.


The SSD and HDD (disk drives) were chosen and set up in order to “eat your cake and have it too.”


850evo2The Samsung Evo 850 SSD is a boot and program drive; boot times into Windows 7 are phenomenal and opening intensive programs like Adobe Premier, After Effects and 3D creation/rendering programs are blazing fast.

The Patriot 32GB SSD was a 1st generation SSD that was an unused spare that was re-purposed as a “scratch disk” to write temporary files to and to speed up workflow in Adobe applications.

The 250GB and 1 TB legacy hard disks are used as short and long term file storage for content creation work as well as movie storage. Future upgrades envisioned are new disks configured into RAID 0 and/or RAID 10 when necessity dictates.


RMi_750_01bThe Corsair 750 was chosen for Corsair’s reputation of reliability, warranty and the modularity of the power cables; a 750 watt supply leaves some headroom for future expansion of graphics and/or other expansion cards.

The Antec 300 Case is a simple and sturdy case re-purposed for use with this system; in the future, the current system may find its home into a Thermaltake v71 or a Fractal Design Define R series or Corsair Air 540 or…decisions, decisions! (They make so many fantastic cases these days!)


“All work and no play make…”

While this PC was built for creation, it is used for occasional gaming. “…but can it play Crysis?” “YES!!!” On high setting with fantastic frame rates, this set up gets the job done – any graphics-junkie would enjoy gaming on this build!

A quick note – we chose an Intel and an NVIDIA graphics card for our build but we are very much fans of AMD and RADEON products and technologies!


So why build with DIGIWERKZ KUSTOMZ?


…because we love building PCs! We enjoy the snappiness of a powerful PC and the “brute torque” of a platform that can chew through massive MB’s and output renders in epic times! And when we game, we enjoy smooth and fast frame rates set at high settings and get lost from the lush jungles of Far Cry, Crysis to the asphalt jungles of Cities: Skylines, Sim City and GTA V.  

We want to share these PC experience with you!  

We will build PC’s to suit your needs. We understand that different types of users and systems require different hardware configurations; we can build you an all out PC or one tailored to a certain budget. Gaming or Workstation systems, we will build you what you need and not try and up-sell you on things you don’t. And with our attention to detail, warranties and exceptional custom support and service, we strive to be the best PC builder in our area.


…because we like to make it WERKZ!

We are unrivaled!