Professional Writing Services by MEDIAWERKZ

MEDIAWERKZ is a writing powerhouse. As a copyrighted and self-published author with true command of the English language, everything from soft, sensual poetry, hard-line procedural and test writing, technical writing, technical to layman’s terms translation, curriculum and training development, rhetoric, to advertising, I can help you get your message across, find the words you want to say, emotions to invoke and inspire or have the procedures and protocols you want your employees to follow.

The power of words are immense, immeasurable, invaluable and infinite and have great impact on those whom you interact with. With my ability of wordsmithing, we can work together for your words and voice to stand out in the crowd!

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Technical Writing・Test Writing・Procedural Writing・Translation・Curriculum・Rhetoric・Persuasive Writing・Advertising・Brand Support・Creative・Poetry