Quality Assurance Consulting

With five and a half years of Quality Assurance experience at Frito-Lay/PepsiCo as well as intensive software, hardware, UI quality assurance experience, I can help you revamp, refine or create from scratch a full spectrum Quality Assurance program and procedure for your business, product or system.

As a “systems generalist” my profession is to know both “the forest and the trees” – to know about root systems, the bark, vacuoles, cytochrome and the synergy of flora and fauna from the floor to the canopy - and strive to make them work together as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I can work with all levels of the ecosystem, from management, engineers, technicians and floor men, listening to their wants, needs and the overall goals in order to improve system processes and quality of products and services.

Increasing efficiency, improving effectiveness, reducing waste of time, money and resources, maximizing workflow…this is my “bread and butter” talent.

From re-engineering processes that resulted in quadrupling throughput of sampling without loss in accuracy or precision with one of PepsiCo’s most laborious laboratory tests, to creating from scratch a bilingual, multi-layered, multi-disciplined hardware, software, UI and accounting testing certification protocol for cash counting and management, systems Quality Assurance is what I do best.

The initial consultation and evaluation is free!


Quality Assurance Generalist・Method Development・Test Writing & Plannning・Data Management & Analysis・Procedural Writing・Technical Writing・Documentation・Presentation・Calibration・Project Coordination・Manual Testing