Combining my career experiences and talents, I've founded DIGIWERKZ and am now venturing fully into the digital realm. My goal is to help small businesses and everyday people get more exposure through the Internet through high quality, cost effective web development and digital design, improve their business through Quality Assurance consulting and promote the emerging 3Dprinting technology in the consumer market space.

I like building all sorts of website styles but especially like experimenting with 3D design elements that are still novel - and can give your website a unique feel that others do not yet offer.

With three years of 3D printing and design experience, 3DWERKZ, a facet of DIGIWERKZ is targeted to providing 3D printing and design services to small businesses and everyday people. I believe whole heartedly in the emerging technology of 3D printing and love sharing the benefits of this technology with people. 3D printing has so much potential and can help unleash creativity and innovation rapidly as well as provide cost effective prototyping, small scale production and make STEM education really cool! 3D printing is just a small part in the movement toward more ecological and economic sustainable models and 3DWERKZ is here to help people learn how to 3D print and design!

About Shawna Brookes

How did Shawna manage to learn to do all this stuff?

“Dad likes to work on cars?” I asked my mother around 5 years old. So I got up under the hood to see what he was doing.

The truth was he needed to get to work the next day and couldn't afford a mechanic.

Something broke in the house, I helped mom or dad fix it.

Dragging a 66’ Dodge out of a farmer’s field at age 15, I rebuilt the brakes, front end and engine for with a Chilton’s manual and advice from dad and neighbors; it was my first car. I certainly was a Tomboy but it was the countryside, so what do you expect?

With an interest in science and technologies, A’s and B’s were on my report cards in high school.

At 18, I enlisted in the US Navy and into the Navy Nuclear Power Program, the most difficult technical program the Navy has to offer. Focused on nuclear power theory, heat transfer and fluid flow and all subjects related – and strict adherence to procedure and protocol, that’s where my Systems Generalist and Quality Assurance foundations were laid and hardened.

After graduating from Texas Woman’s University in General Studies with emphasis and science and communication, I became a Quality Assurance Technician at Frito-Lay/ PepsiCo. Quickly mastering low level quality assurance testing, my first major project was re-engineering processes for their most laborious test and quadrupling throughput without loss in reporting accuracy or precision. Soon after, I was given higher responsibly tests in the area of Liquid and Gas Chromatography along with Oil Quality Chemistry QA. During my time, I set a new precedence for Frito-Lay R&D in terms of capability, volume and accuracy for the laboratory.

…and somewhere during that time, I ran a few half-marathons and a half-Iron Man.

Gaining overseas work experience, from 2013 – 2016 I lived and worked in Japan as a teacher of all ages and levels; from minding and playing with children, creating year-long multi-disciplined curriculum, designing all sorts of bilingual educational material, to teaching corporate and technical English, I had a lot of experience in a short of time and enjoyed teaching. Studying Japanese earnestly, I became conversationally fluent and can read, write and translate mid level Japanese, having done extensive translation work in Japan for education purposes.

Returning to America, I helped a major player in the cash-counting smart safe industry develop a bilingual, massive, multi-layered, multi-disciplined hardware, software, UI and accounting testing certification protocol. It was stated “…she has set a new standard for the company and perhaps the industry.”