3D Printing

Pricing for 3D printing, rapid prototyping, repair and education:


3D  Printing Simple Service Pricing

If you need to print downloadable objects from websites like www.thingiverse.com or your own pre-made designs-

starting from $10 and up.


3D Printing Consultation, Computer Aided Design Rapid Prototyping Service Pricing

If you need a custom part designed and built from scratch, pricing varies depending on the complexity of the part/ project. Initial consultation price is $30 for 1 hour and that $30 will be credited toward the object/ project total cost.


3D Printer Diagnosis and Repair

The rate is $50 per hour plus parts.


3D Printer Education and Training 

Want to learn about 3D Printing? Want to teach your kids or family members how to 3D Print? Want to train your employees on how to use your 3D Printer. We would be DELIGHTED to spread the gospel of 3d Printing with everyone!

Rates starting at $30 per hour! And training packages starting at $150 dollars!



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